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2 Abilene bars start fundraisers to help employees buy Christmas gifts for their kids



ABILENE, TX – Bars in Abilene who do not have a combined food and liquor license closed last week due to the high COVID-19 hospitalization rate. It’s the third time this year bars have closed. This time it was just days away from Christmas.

Two bartenders from two different bars in Abilene started fundraisers to help employees buy Christmas gifts for their children.

“The government is telling us we have to shut down, and we don’t have any choice,” said Homer’s Bar General Manager Shayla Chavez.

Homer’s bartender, Christina Rhodes, started a fund on Facebook called “Homers Crew Emergency Christmas Fundraiser.”

“It was just nice to be able to come to work everyday and leave with some money in my pocket,” said Rhodes.

Rhodes said the fund has already raised over $700 as of Wednesday afternoon, but much more is needed to provide for gifts and pay bills.

“It’s taken a toll on us and it’s not our kids fault and I don’t want them to go without,” said Rhodes.

Levi Sims at MC Sports Bar started a GoFundMe page to help her employees. She is a mother of six and is also preparing to go without a paycheck again this year.

“I’m hoping we can give our kids a little bit of hope and a little bit of a Christmas,” said Sims.