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Woman says father named her after his mistress so he wouldn’t get caught even if he slipped up



Most parents put a lot of thought into naming their kids but the same cannot be said for a father who actually named his daughter after his mistress so he wouldn’t get caught even if he slipped up and said the wrong name. A TikToker named Kristina recently opened up about her situation in a viral post. She began the video by acknowledging that many have a “cute” story about how and why they were named so, however, it wasn’t the same for her. The 31-year-old explained that she was her parent’s first child and before she was born, they came up with an agreement about who would get to name her.

Her mom said she would name the child after her grandfather if it was a boy, but if it was a girl, her husband would get to choose the name. “Well, skip forward to the day that I was born, my mom wound up having to have a C-section because my big a** head wouldn’t fit through the birth canal,” she explained. “She was super drugged up after that, and my dad filled out all of my paperwork. And, at last, he chose to name me Kristina.” The woman revealed that her mom didn’t seem to have a problem with the name Kristina “so she just kind of went with it’.” Things were fine until she discovered that the father of her child was actually cheating on her. 

“Everything was fine for a few months — until my mom found out that my dad was cheating on her,” she continued. “And guess what the woman’s name was? Kristina. So if he messed up and called her the wrong name, he could say he was talking about me.” Understandably, concerned people on social media were left shocked by the revelation and wondered if she has a “good relationship” with her dad currently. “No,” responded Kristina. “My dad left when I was three and never had any contact with me or my sisters until we were grown. He went on to have more kids, [whom] he also abandoned.”

As heartbreaking as her story was, Kristina’s account encouraged others to share their story behind their own monikers. “My dad named me after a girl he had a crush on in middle school. When my mom found out she stabbed him with a fork,” shared one user assuring Kristina that she was not alone in this mess. “My mom was named after one of her dad’s mistresses too! She hates her name,” added another. In other wild confessions, one person named Lenea shared that her dad, “heard a story on the radio about a girl named Lenae who was murdered,” and decided to name his daughter the same. “My cousin is named after his dad’s favorite drug dealer,” another chimed in. 



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