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Sharon Stone announces sudden death of 11-month-old nephew days after he suffered ‘total organ failure’



Sharon Stone’s family is mourning the loss of one of the youngest members of their family, her 11-month-old nephew and godson, River. On Monday, Stone, 63, announced River had died shortly before his first birthday. She shared a sweet clip of her nephew on Instagram set to “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton. Several days earlier on August 27, Stone asked her follows on Instagram to pray for her nephew, her brother’s son, after he was found in his crib with “total organ failure.”

The award-winning actress shared an image of River intubated in the hospital.

“Please pray for him,” she wrote. “We need a miracle.”

But sadly, just days later River died, roughly one week before his first birthday on September 8.

The boy’s mother, Tasha Stone, shared a touching tribute, using the same video, on Facebook.

“God needed River in Heaven. I can’t say more than I needed him here on Earth because my heart is shattered into a million pieces,” Tasha wrote.

“My days will never be the same and I have no idea how I am supposed to live my life without the sweetest boy in the universe. I am crushed.”

Tasha also shared that the little boy she and her husband called their “surprise baby,” was now a hero. River was an organ donor and was able to save three lives.

“In death, he made a far greater contribution to this world than most of us could ever hope to ourselves. And he proved that the shortest of lives can also be the most meaningful ones.”

“There will never be a day, an hour, a minute or even a second that we won’t miss our sweet baby. But we find comfort and strength in knowing that he lives on.”

The Stone family asks anyone who isn’t registered to be an organ donor and would like to be one, to register in honor of River. You can do so here.