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600 Abilene residents receive COVID-19 vaccine Thursday



ABILENE, TX – The first half of 1,200 residents due to get their COVID-19 vaccines in Abilene this week received theirs on Thursday.

The Public Health District opened a clinic Thursday and Friday to start administering shots to those on the 1A and 1B lists.

According to many who received their shot Thursday, the process was well thought out and almost like an assembly line.

“I made it, probably, the last part of December,” said Marty Anderson.

Anderson made her call into the Public Health District early, and says she wanted to get on the list for the vaccine as soon as possible.

She along with Abilene resident Tim McClarty received a COVID-19 shot Thursday.

“It was exciting, I have been at home and in my office alone for the last year, so it was nice to know that at least steps were being made to getting this resolved,” said McClarty.

McClarty showed up at the Taylor County Expo Center around 10 a.m., walking through the doors to find a continuation of a well-planned assembly line.

“I walked right through, got the shot, had to go to a waiting area for 15 minutes and then that was it. I was in and out in about 20 minutes,” said McClarty.

With so much time spent waiting and adjusting to life routine changes over the past 12 months, Abilene residents say they we’re happy to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

An additional 600 shots will be administered at the Taylor County Expo Center Friday.

In the coming weeks, 1,200 shots will be delivered to Taylor County weekly.