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Abilene father indicted, accused of having meth around 9-month-old child



ABILENE, TX – An Abilene father accused of having meth around his 9-month-old child has been indicted.

Noah Brandt, 26, was indicted for Endangering a Child and Possession of Methamphetamine in connection to an incident that happened in January 2020.

Court documents state Brandt was pulled over for a traffic stop while his 9-month-old daughter was in the vehicle.

A K-9 unit was called to the scene and alerted to the possible presence of narcotics, so the vehicle was searched, revealing 2 pipes, .5 grams of methamphetamine, and a handgun.

During a subsequent interview, the documents state, “Brandt admitted the methamphetamine was his and that he would purchase methamphetamine for his friends for a cut of the methamphetamine and had been doing that for approximately the last 5 years.”

Another box of methamphetamine was found in the vehicle near the child, though it was not claimed by Brandt.

Brandt remains held in jail on bonds totaling $21,000.