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Abilene man chased, tackled by police while carrying baby in arms



ABILENE, TX – An Abilene man was chased and tackled by police while carrying a baby in his arms last week.

Derek Barron, 23, was arrested and charged with Assaulting a Peace Officer, Evading Arrest, Abandon/Endanger a Child, and an unrelated warrant following the incident at an apartment complex on the 2600 block of Nonesuch Road Friday night.

Barron’s arrest report reveals he was contacted by officers due to a disturbance in progress, and when they arrived on scene, he “began to run with an infant in his arms.”

During the chase, the report states Barron ignored verbal commands to stop, so one of the officers at the scene caught up to him and “took him to the ground.”

“The officer observed the infant on the ground and took control of the infant,” according to the report.

Barron then hit and officer in the face with his elbow and continued to resist arrest.

Eventually, his girlfriend, who is the mother of the infant, arrived and said Barron had pushed her and taken the infant before fleeing.

The infant had abrasions on his head and body but was otherwise okay.

No further information was released.