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Abilene Mayor Announced As Finalist For City Manager in Washington State



ABILENE, TX — Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams may be relocating after being named a finalist for a city manager job in Washington State.

According to Williams back in August, he was approached by Strategic Government Resources. This company has helped the City of Abilene fulfill multiple positions.

In September, Williams applied for the position of City Manager in  Bainbridge Island, Washington. At the time he was running for re-election.

“I love Abilene. It’s my hometown,” said Williams. “It would take something extraordinary for me to leave Abilene.”

Williams has served on the Abilene City Council for 20 years and began his second term as mayor this past November.

According to Williams, he had a 45-minute phone call with the City of Bainbridge Island leadership.

“I answered the phone call because I owe it to my family,” said Williams. “My family, the last 30 years, has sacrificed a great deal.”

The City of Bainbridge Island has announced three candidates for the position of a city manager. Bainbridge Island has a population of approximately 25,000 people. It’s located in the Puget Sound and is connected to Seattle by ferry.

Keith Campbell, who currently serves as the City Manager of Stayton, Oregon, Blair King, City Manager of Coronado, California, and Williams will participate in a series of virtual interviews with city staff, community partners, and advisory group representatives next week. The decision should be finalized in January.

If Williams is selected, a special election would be held for his position. Until the election was held Mayor Pro Tem Shane Price would serve.