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Abilene police officers to wear masks if requested



ABILENE, TX– Abilene police officers will be required to wear masks if requested by citizens while responding to a call.

Effective Wednesday, masks will no longer be required by the State of Texas, but individuals and businesses can still require them on their property.

Abilene Police Chief Marcus Dudley released the following guidance for officers moving forward after the mandate change:

APD Mask Wearing Update
Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced last week that he is rescinding the mask mandate for the entire state effective Wednesday, March 10. This means that citizens will no longer be required to wear masks. Individual organizations and businesses could still require the wearing of masks at their respective places of business. Individual citizens may also require masks of anyone coming into their home or onto their property.

Our employees will be required to have a mask available at all times during their shift.
If requested by a citizen when responding to a call for service, officers will be required to don a mask, so long as donning can be done safely.

While in a police department facility, if you are in the personal space of another, (such as an office, or within 6 feet from an employee) and they ask you to wear a mask, you should comply and both wear masks.

While it is not required it is also recommended that employees consider wearing disposable gloves when handling the personal property of another.