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Abilene police shuts down food truck event involving 35-year-veteran of the department



A 35-year veteran of the Abilene Police Department owns one of the six food trucks involved in an event that was shut down by police.

“Food Trucker Friday” was held Friday evening in the parking lot of the Drug Emporium.

Organizers asked everyone to practice social distancing.

“We ask that everyone be mindful of social distancing and remain 6ft from each while in line,” said the organizers on Facebook. “We also ask that NO more then 10 people in each line at one time per the city.”

But that did not happen and the crowds caught the eye of City Manager Robert Hanna.

“My largest concern is the complete lack of seriousness that some of us are exhibiting,” said Hanna in a Facebook post. “Block parties, food truck gatherings, live streaming parties, etc… folks, PLEASE take this seriously. Stay home unless you are going to work, or grabbing essentials and food. Don’t gather in large groups.”

Hanna called Police Chief Stan Standridge.

Standridge told KTXS that a police lieutenant was dispatched to the scene.

“There seems to be some confusion related to gatherings and social distancing,” said Standridge. ” Some believe that as long as they are 6′ apart, they can gather. The law provides no such exemption. Gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited and governed by state and municipal laws. We continue to seek voluntary cooperation, which we obtained Friday night.”