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Abilene Trauma Service Area stays below 15% threshold for 7 days in a row



ABILENE, TX — Hendrick Health Care’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rob Wiley announced Thursday that the Abilene Trauma Service area has been below the 15% threshold for seven consecutive days, along with other COVID-19 data.

“Presently we have dropped out percent positive to a high 27% to 14% additionally our active cases went from 3,000 down to 2,000. Within our hospital our hospitalizations are down significantly” said Wiley.

According to Dr. Wiley, although their ICU’s continue to remain full at this time, and have gone from 180% capacity to 100% capacity.

Wiley says the decrease in hospitalizations will have a positive impact on the community.

“It will allow us to open up our economy to allow restaurants to go back to 75% it will have some other changes that will affect the ability for our economy to grow,” said Dr. Wiley.

Wiley went on to say the introduction of infusions has proven to decrease hospitalizations and severity of cases as well as vaccinations.
To date, Hendrick has administered 340 infusions and Abilene Taylor county has administered over 9,000 COVID-19 vaccines.

“I want to say thank yo big country, thank you to our city leaders ,to our business leaders ,church leaders to everyone who has been consistent and held each other to social accountability,” said Dr. Wiley.

Dr. Wiley says we arent out of the woods yet and encourages the use of masks and social distancing.