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Abilene Welcomes Military Personnel to Fight Covid-19 Surge



ABILENE, TX – On Thursday morning, Hendrick Medical Center welcomed 40 military medical personnel as part of the Department of Defense COVID-19 response operation.

The military personnel will work with the hospital staff as they continue to battle COVID-19 in Taylor County and surrounding areas.

“We are grateful to the State of Texas and to the Department of Defense for designating additional staff to Abilene,” said Brad Holland, president, and CEO for Hendrick Health. “As COVID-19 remains active in our local communities, high COVID hospitalization rates continue to be seen across our three hospitals. The military medical personnel will help alleviate some of the burden our caregivers have been facing since March.”

According to hospital officials, 30-40% of current patients are COVID-19 positive. Furthermore, the Critical Care Units are operating at 140-145% occupancy levels. The hospital has not reported an empty ICU since November 17 of last year.

According to DSHS, Trauma Service Area D has been above the 15% COVID hospital capacity since December 1, 2020.