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Abilene woman working on cure for COVID-19, part of research team



ABILENE, TX– As another week of silence sets in people in the key city are looking for a way to get back to some sort of normalcy.

Even though social distancing measures are still in place, some are looking for a more permanent solution to the virus.

“I’m a dentist but I’m also the senior scientist for a photo medicine company,” said Dr. Lacy Mankin.

On top of all that though, Lacy Mankin is representing the Key City in a major research project.

“She became part of a team that had approached me with the idea of building a device that would help treat diseases with light,” said Dr. Robert Rothstein who is the former V.P. of John Hopkins,

While the project started six years ago with the possible treatment of Ebola, this team says it could factor into what we’re facing now.

“We believe that this has a lot of potential for lowering the amount of virus in the body,” said Dr. Rothstein

Dr. Mankin explains the reaction similar to how a piece of hair reacts to a flame, taking away the strength of the virus, just like a piece of hair is weakens when it comes in contact with a flame.

“This has been shown over the years and that it works for hepatitis viruses, herpes viruses, all sorts of things that have been studied,” said Dr. Rothstein

What would the treatment look like? Dr. Rothstein who’s the former VP of John Hopkins describes it much like donating blood or platelets.

“Basically you put an IV in the patient, drain out approx. 3CC’sper kilogram of body weight, run it through a device over ultra violet light and then send it back into the body.”

The work isn’t quiet over yet though and whether it works or not, Lacy says it’s a bit of hope for the future.

“I just really want to see it work and see other people be able to use it because it gives you relief even if you’re not struggling with the Coronavirus,” said Dr. Mankin.

The team has tested the UV treatment on other viruses that have worked but are now applying for grants so that they can work using the Coronavirus.