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ACU students host forum for Abilene City Council candidates



ABILENE, TX – Political forums still aren’t the same, even a year after COVID-19 started, but social work students at Abilene Christian University (ACU) held a virtual one for candidates running for Abilene City Council.

Candidates shared what they believe are key areas on which to focus moving into the election.

“What happened in February, with the lost power, led to the loss of water,” said Shane Price, incumbent for place one.

“The economic recovery of COVID and the ripple effects,” said Lynn Beard, GM of Abilene Aero.

“Abilene is poised for growth, we have a lot of folks from other states coming over,” said Stephen Hunt, Air-Force Reserve member and ACU student.

“A pressing issue for me is poverty, homeless,” said Garrett Hubbard, who runs his own marketing company.

Each candidate has different perspectives and life experiences.

“I have been on the city council for almost 12 years now,” said Price.

“I have lived in Abilene since 1984,” said Beard.

“I am 24,” said Hubbard.

“I have been in Abilene for the past 6 years,” said Hunt.

Each also have different ideas on how to improve the city.

“The training that we do for our police officers is way beyond what is required by the state of Texas,” said Price.

“Improving family systems, our churches play a huge role in this and our community as a whole,” said Beard.

“High-rate crime areas, we need to figure out how…a way to really bring jobs to people to keep them busy,” said Hubbard.

“Community policing, it would be great to somehow implement more foot patrol,” said Hunt.

All candidates say they are thankful that ACU gave them a platform to speak and encourage Abilenians to get out and vote.

Voting starts May 1, 2021.