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Air Force dad surprises 6-year-old Abilene girl on Christmas



ABILENE, TX – A 6-year-old Abilene girl told Santa Claus that for Christmas she wanted her dad to come home from overseas.

“What did you ask from Santa?” said mom, Annie Jacobs.

“To bring daddy home!” said Megan.

Air Force Technical Sargent Chris Jacobs wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to make it.

“And then Santa was able to help me get out of Japan and come to Texas,” Jacobs said.

Megan hasn’t seen her dad since January.

“It’s been kind of an insane year, the same insane year that everyone else has had, except he’s been across the world,” Annie said.

Chris was reassigned to a station in Japan in the beginning of 2020.

“When we went into this, we planned to have lots of visits this year, and to get together at least a few times so that he could see Megan, and every visit we had was canceled because of COVID,” Annie said.

But Megan got her Christmas wish.

“That we got to be a family for Christmas,” said Megan.

The Jacobs family hopes to be all together in Japan soon, but for now they will cherish the last few days until Chris leaves.