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Area restaurants closing on and off because they can’t find workers



Area service businesses mainly fast food establishments and restaurants are being forced to close on and off and cut hours because of lack of staff.

Rick Daffron, owner of Rick and Carolyn’s Burgers and Fries on South Pioneer in Abilene, closed 3 days over the last two weeks because they had no help.

“It cost me about $10,000,” said Daffron.

He installed a huge help wanted sign in front of his store this week.

Why the shortage of service help?

Texas Workforce Commission’s Director of Business Services Robert Puls explained some people just don’t need to work because of the increase in unemployment payments and two stimulus checks.

“If you have lower wage people and getting equal to what they got in pay, they are saying why do I need to work,” said Puls.

Puls also said some people are afraid to work because there are still fears of getting COVID-19.