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Chicago owes Trump a $1 Million tax refund, but Kimberly Foxx has filed emergency lawsuit to take it away



There apparently is no such thing as the rule of law and due process rights for any American whom the Democrats don’t personally like.

On Saturday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Donald Trump is owed a million dollar refund on a skyscraper, according to a state order. But the Cook County’s attorney general, Kimberly Foxx, has filed a lawsuit to block the tax refund for Trump personally.

“The Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board has decided former President Donald Trump is due a $1 million refund on his skyscraper’s 2011 tax bill, ruling last month that the Cook County Board of Review overestimated the value of the building’s hotel rooms and retail space,” the Sun Times reported.

“But the Cook County State’s Attorney has filed suit with the Illinois Appellate Court, seeking to block the tax refund, which has yet to be issued,” the report continued.

“If Trump ends up with the tax refund, it would come out of property taxes due to the city of Chicago and eight other government agencies, including Chicago Public Schools, which stands to lose the biggest chunk of money, about $540,000,” the report added.

The state order ties to a property assessment, which stated that the skyscraper had been over-assessed by $1.03 million. The law firm Klafter & Burke, which represented Trump, had won the former president tax breaks totaling $14 million over the years.

“In March, CNN reported that the Chicago skyscraper was being looked into as part of the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into Trump’s finances, specifically a $130 million loan from Fortress Investment Management that went into the construction of the building,” the Hill notes.

“Fortress reportedly forgave more than $100 million of the original loan by 2012, when the loan totaled around $150 million,” the report added.

Kimberly Foxx has personally carried out a vendetta against Donald Trump. She has used the Cook County DA’s office to file repeated legal actions against the former president. Cook County has filed actions against Trump and his policies on illegal immigration, including on the “public charge” rule, employment practices, as well as health care polices.

The legal action is similar to that of New York City Bill de Blasio, who canceled Trump’s $30 million contract with the City of New York over a political disagreement stemming from January 6th. Trump is suing in the New York State Supreme Court to recover his losses.