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Chief Stan Standridge resigns from Abilene Police Department to pursue relationship with Chaplain



ABILENE, TX – Chief Stan Standridge is resigning from his position with the Abilene Police Department to pursue a dating relationship with the police Chaplain.

Chief Standridge penned a letter to City Manager Robert Hanna Tuesday that says he intends to maintain a dating relationship with Chaplain Beth Reeves, and that, “my decision…has caused a disruption in maintenance and order of the Department, which I fully recognize and assume ownership.”

He is going to leave the Department as soon as he gains employment elsewhere and is currently searching for a new job.

Chief Standridge is leaving after serving with the Abilene Police Department for more than 25 years.

Dear Robert,
Please accept this letter as my intent to leave employment at the Abilene Police Department in the coming months and within calendar year 2020. I have enjoyed an unimaginable career with the City of Abilene, and I believe I have faithfully executed my duties for 25 years.

Two months ago and upon finalization of my divorce, I approached City Administration and sought permission to begin a dating relationship with Beth Reeves, who is also employed by the City of Abilene. APD Policy C-2 requires that I report any intent to begin a dating relationship, and that any reporting structures be resolved prior to dating. This was done, and I am thankful for an opportunity to pursue a woman of remarkable character who has served so many families in her twenty years of ministry.

My decision, however, has caused a disruption in maintenance and order of the Department, which I fully recognize and assume ownership. I wish to pursue this dating relationship, so with transparency, I disclose my intent to seek employment at another police agency in Texas. I am very thankful for continued employment during this search, and I promise you and our elected leaders and all citizens that I will continue to give 100 percent effort to serving those we protect. My record of service speaks for itself, and I cannot possibly thank everyone enough for the opportunity to police in such a loving community. We are better together, and Abilene has truly been a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.