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City of Abilene asking residents to help determine “Comprehensive Plan” up to 2040



The City of Abilene is asking residents to help determine the future of the city by taking its “City of Abilene 2040 Comprehensive Plan” survey.

“The Comprehensive plan is there to serve as a long range guide to manage growth, protect the environment and effect the future physical development of Abilene, ” said City of Abilene Planning Services Manager Cheryl Sawyers.

In order for the city have a better understanding of the needs, wants and opinions of the general public, they’re asking those who live in the city to tell them what you want.

Due to the pandemic, Sawyers told KTXS that an online survey is the best way to safely hear the voices of Abilene residents.

“Having the public move engage in this way allows us the opportunity to move forward with our Comprehensive Plan without putting anybody at any type of health risk,” said Sawyers.

As of January 28, less than ten percent of Abilene’s population had filled out the survey.

“We need these foundational building blocks in order for us to be able to decide what our next steps are and what those strategies need to be,” said Sawyers. “This survey is just one opportunity for them to be able to say, ‘Id’ like to guide the conversation to go in this direction.'”