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Council meeting reveals more details of proposed new animal shelter



ABILENE, TX – After February’s final city council meeting, we’ve learned more about the new animal shelter that’s being planned for Abilene. The Council took a closer look at the plans, and although there weren’t any votes or final decisions made, there does seem to be a path forward.

“This is a dream come true”, said animal activist Robert Sudbury. “This is a facility, it’s more than a dream, it’s something that’s been needed for the last 20 years.”

The dream may not be a reality yet, but a virtual walkthrough of the building makes it feel just a bit more real. As reality sets in, however, real life concerns are raised.

Councilman Kyle McAlister had one concern about the high-end building: “That facility looks nicer than some office buildings that I have seen. So my only concern is that we try to do our best to make it palatable to the taxpayers.”

Much of the nearly $9 million estimated cost comes from the specialized use of this building, designed as a safe, secure, and long-lasting structure.

“If we’re going to build a structure that is durable and aesthetically pleasing, you’re not going to shave a million dollars off this project”, explained City Manager Robert Hanna. “You just won’t, because of the type of construction you have to do to create the durability of the structure.”

The shelter is being called an adoption center, and is likened to a retail space instead of an old-fashioned pound.

Architect Tim Rice McClarty said, “It runs the dollars up because you have more people space, and the people space needs to look good, but it does allow our citizens to get into all those places.”

The new building is some ways off, but if public opinion indicates the future of the building, then animals should have a new temporary home soon.