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“Democrates” Not Welcome in Abilene Junk Shop



ABILENE, TX – You read that right. And, by “right” I mean “wrong”. An appliance repair shop in Abilene got briefly famous on social media after a resident took a picture of the sign outside announcing “NO DEMOCRATES ALLOWED”. The owner of R&R Appliances is Gary Rutledge so I guess ONE of the R’s probably stands for Rutledge. I suppose the other R is for “Repulicon” because those are the only customers that are welcome in Mr. Rutledge’s store. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m still (somehow) a registered republican so I’m free to go buy all the broken recliners and non-functioning blenders I want. If you’re a democrate, though, you’re S.O.L.

The original story says that R&R is an appliance REPAIR shop but after looking through all the photos, it doesn’t look like anything has been repaired in this place for decades, INCLUDING the shop itself.

“I have the right to freedom of speech”, Mr. Rutledge said when contacted. “I don’t want anything to do with them (democrates), I just don’t want to be around them”.

It’s a good thing he clarified because I was starting to wonder if he meant “demo crates” and forgot to leave the space. You know…”demo crates”, right? Those crates full of demos that people are always trying to bring into dilapidated structures? Or, maybe it’s a “demo” of a crate! Some pushy crate salesmen are always trying to ply their wares and Gary Rutledge is sick and tired of it!

Alas, no. He’s talking about members of the Democratic party who, Gary claims, “stoled the elekshun from Trump”. So, if you ARE a member of that accursed organization, you’ll have to get your fifth-hand refrigerators and busted washing machines elsewhere. May I suggest “anywhere within 100 feet off of far east Montana Ave.”?