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Development Corporation of Abilene approves 4 projects



ABILENE, TX – The Development Corporation of Abilene met Friday to approve a number of different projects to bring more business to Abilene, and grow some that’s already here. The difference in this meeting was just how productive it was. The DCOA approved 4 projects.

“Those four projects are all within our primary pillars,” said CEO Misty Mayo. Those three pillars are “business retention with existing companies, entrepreneurial pursuits, as well as the attraction of company interest from outside of our market.”

Projects ISO, Gateway, Threshold, and Windmill may be a bit secretive, as all DCOA projects are at first, but the outcome is no secret.

“We have new companies outside of Abilene that are considering Abilene. We have existing companies that are considering expansion. And we have entrepreneurial startup companies that are considering expansion in our community,” said Mayo.

One existing business has around 500 employees. Two others could bring in around 100 jobs in total. On the subject of jobs, a topic of discussion was the future of Dyess as the B-1 bomber is phased out.

Mayo said, “We understand at the Development Corporation that relationship with Dyess is critical, and we want to put efforts behind ensuring that Dyess stays here and grows here.”