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Drivers concerned about crumbling FM 604 in Callahan County



In Callahan County, people are upset about FM 604 deteriorating.

Some told KTXS it started becoming a problem back in February.

Hundreds of vehicles drive down the road every day with most of them now being tractor trailers.

People are blaming the frequent tractor trailer traffic for the horrible conditions.

Drivers that travel down FM 604 regularly are posting about how bad it is.

One person warning other drivers by posting, “If you value ur life and ur vehicle DO NOT take 604 to hamby!!!!!”

Another posting, “I don’t understand how they are still letting people drive on it!”

KTXS reporter Austin Burkes asked Tanya Brown, TXDOT’s Public Information Officer, “How did the road get this bad?”

“There are quite a few heavy trucks moving up and down that road so that is leading to the road tearing up,” said Brown.

“How long have you been aware of it and what do you plan on doing to fix it?” asked Burkes.

“We are aware of it and crews are up there daily fixing those areas that have been affected,” said Brown. “To make it passable.”

Brown says maintaining the crumbling road is taking a lot of work since those heavy trucks are frequently traveling down the road.

She says it could be awhile until major fixes are coming to the road.

“The final rehab won’t take place until after they are done with their wind turbine projects,” said Brown.

Brown also told KTXS that the wind turbine company is planning on paying back TXDOT for all of the damages.