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Governor Abbott sent a letter to New York City Mayor Adams and Washington, D.C. Mayor Bowser, inviting the mayors to visit Texas’ southern border to see the humanitarian crisis firsthand



Abilene, TEXAS – According to the statement, local communities are being overrun by record-high numbers of illegal immigrants as President Biden’s reckless open border policies have invited mass migration and transnational criminal activity into Texas communities.

“As law enforcement agents along the Texas-Mexico border respond to thousands of illegal crossings each and every day, putting their lives on the line for Texans and for all Americans, the crisis demands the attention of not only the Biden Administration, which is responsible for securing the border, but of leaders across the country,” reads the letter. “

As Governor, I invite you to visit our border region to see firsthand the dire situation that only grows more urgent with each passing day, and to meet with the local officials, who like yourselves, realize this matter deserves immediate federal action.”

Texas has bused thousands of migrants to Washington, D.C. who would have otherwise been released into small border communities with more limited resources than the nation’s capital.

Last month, Governor Abbott responded to New York City Mayor Adams’ false accusations attacking the mission by calling on the mayor to direct his complaints to President Biden for refusing to secure the southern border.