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Holland Hearing Center giving away mask extenders for people who wear hearing aids



ABILENE, TX — Holland Hearing Center is giving away 500 mask extenders to allow hearing aid wearers to comfortably wear face masks and no longer worry about losing their hearing aids.

Hearing aid wearers are experiencing big challenges with face masks due to the face mask straps looping around their ears (where their hearing aids also sit) which is resulting in many people losing their hearing aids or causing challenges.

This is resulting in many hearing aid wearers either not wearing a face mask or not wearing their hearing aids.

Holland Hearing Center has announced that they are giving away 500 custom mask extenders, which allow you to connect the straps of your face mask to an extender that sits at the back of your head, instead of looping them around your ears.

“With so many of our patients calling to share their frustrations or report lost hearing devices (72% in the last year) , we had to do something. Upon discovering Mask Extenders, we ordered 500 right away and are now giving them away to all hearing aid wearers,” Owner, Dr. Kelsi Mangrem, says.

What has surprised the team at Holland Hearing Center is just how valuable these extenders are to people that are receiving them.

“Most people don’t realize, but this simple extender is allowing hearing aid wearers to comfortably wear face masks, and minimizing their stress during these challenging times,” Mangrem says. “We’re seeing less people experience challenges, less people losing devices and much happier patients”