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Holland Hearing Center turns to virtual appointments



ABILENE, TX — For patients struggling with hearing while trying to practice social distancing, there is a solution.

“We’re now offering more teleaudiology-based appointments where we can access them through their smartphone and alter the program settings of their hearing aids in this newer technology,” Holland Hearing Center Owner and Audiologist Doctor Kelsi Mangrem said.

During quarantine, patients have called into Holland Hearing Center after recognizing they may be struggling with hearing family members on the phone or people speaking through masks.

“I can’t tell you how many of our patients have come in and just been so frustrated because they can’t understand what’s being said. They need to be able to hear their loved ones on the telephone, they need to be able to understand the recommendations given to them by their doctor,” Mangrem said.

Patients can now keep their distance while having their one-on-one appointments directly from their smartphones.

“I can hook their hearing aids up to my software here in the office and I can make the adjustments while they are sitting there telling me, ‘I like that,’ or, ‘No, I don’t,’” Mangrem says.

For patients that feel the need to be present during their exams, they can set up curbside appointments.

“They’re actually able to pull up and we can service their needs right from their vehicle,” Mangrem says.

Through all the changes, Holland Hearing Center’s main objective remains to keep their patients safe with the best care possible.

Mangrem said, “I think that it just adds a new dynamic and more options to choose from so that you’re comfortable and you’re getting the services you still need.”