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‘Joyous spirit’: Texas state senator introduces memorial resolution honoring slain Austin pediatrician



Texas – A Texas state senator introduced a resolution Tuesday honoring the life and career of an Austin pediatrician tragically killed inside her practice and extending condolences to her family.

Sen. Sarah Eckhardt, D-Austin, read remarks on the Senate floor to honor Dr. Katherine Lindley Dodson, who died on Jan. 26 after a terminally-ill doctor came into her central Austin clinic and shot her before killing himself.

According to the remarks provided by her office, Eckhardt said, “Our community was dealt a devastating blow the other week when we lost Dr. Katherine Dodson to a heartbreaking act of violence. Dr. Dodson was a beloved pediatrician, a dedicated educator, and a cherished
mentor to many in the Austin medical community.”

The two-page memorial resolution submitted by Eckhardt called Dodson a “highly esteemed citizen and physician,” who “inspired her many friends, colleagues, and loved ones through her joyful spirit, her easy laughter, and her selfless example.”

The resolution detailed Dodson’s career in Austin, which included teaching at the University of Texas Dell Medical School and starting the well-known Children’s Medical Group.

“Dr. Dodson was more than a brilliant pediatrician, named Dell Children’s top pediatric doctor in both 2012 and 2017. She was a pillar every worried parent could lean on to care for our precious children. Beyond her professional life, friends and family relied on her for a laugh, a smile, and a little Louisiana love,” Eckhardt said. “Dr. Dodson touched the lives of so many here in the Austin community, including many of us here at the Capitol.”

The document recognized Dodson as “a passionate advocate for children and a model for professional excellence, and she was treasured by her patients and their parents for the special attention and care she gave to each.”