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JuiceLand Boosts Earth Day Support via “I Dream of Greenie”



ABILENE, TX – Not that any of us – save those currently sequestered in the International Space Station – live elsewhere than this same planet at any other time, of course, but today is what we’re all so very chuffed to call Earth Day.


And on this day, as on every day, one of the greatest treasures of this planet are the fruits and vegetables that grow upon its thin sheaths of soil between the oceans and seas.

And JuiceLand – Austin’s homegrown spot to find smoothies, juices, and superfood lattes – that Matt Shook-owned company known for its vigorous sustainability practices – that empire of freshness now comprising a full 33 shops across the Lone Star State State – JuiceLand is a treasure that makes use of those natural treasures.

And, today, JuiceLand is donating 50% of all proceeds from their “I Dream of Greenie” smoothie with a Blue Majik Swirl to the Texas Land Conservancy.

[Note: Yes, that’s happening at every JuiceLand location in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.]

We reckon you might want a creamy-cool and nutritious liquid treat that’s created with hemp milk, peach, banana, avocado, kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, celery, and spirulina. We further reckon, citizen, that you might want to celebrate Earth Day and help support Texas Land Conservancy at the same time.

Thus it is our pleasure to remind you of such a convenient opportunity. And now, if you don’t mind, we’ll just get back to sipping on the delicious goodness of our own “I Dream of Greenie.” Oh! It’s sooooooo damned good! 🙂