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Mayor of Abilene named a finalist for City Manager in Washington State



ABILENE, TX — According to Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams, he has been named as a finalist for a city manager position in Bainbridge Island, Wash.

This news comes after Williams was re-elected for a second term as mayor.

Williams says after sending in his credentials he was informed he was a finalist for the position.

“I will just say this you know I’m going to serve Abilene the best I can like I have my entire adult life. As a professional I’m always concerned and looking for better opportunities to serve my family,” Williams said.

Here is a summary of what happens if Williams is selected:

“We could call a special election to fill that vacancy and still get it on the May 1st ballot (provided we are going with the timelines that the other City has stated on hiring someone). Special Elections have different dates than a General Election. The last day to order a Special Election to fill a vacancy is February 20th (this year the 19th since the 20th is a Saturday).

Because this date is after the date to call the General Election (February 12th), the time period for filing for a place on the special election ballot is a little different – they would have until Monday, March 1st to apply.

If the Mayor leaves in say January, Councilmember Price would take over duties until May, since he is the Mayor Pro-tem currently.”

According to Williams, if things do progress he will let his neighbors and community know.