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Miles girls compete at state UIL Writing



ABILENE, TX – Miles High School is excelling in academics as well as in athletics this year. The Bulldogs had 2 seniors competing at the state UIL Writing competition, with senior Heather Havlak bringing home 1st place in Copy Editing. Senior Alexa Schwertner competed in the Editorial competition. This was the 2nd time that both girls had competed at state. It would have been the 3rd time, but as well know, COVID shut everything down in 2020.

As life works it’s way back to “normal” after the pandemic, Schwertner said that the competition had changed, “This year it was different. We didn’t compete in Austin like before. This year we competed in pods in Abilene. Our submissions were sent to Austin.” Previously, Havlak competed in Editorial while Schwertner competed in Feature Writing and News Writing.

The competition was on the heels of district, which Schwertner said is challenging, “It’s hard going back-to-back at district. You have to change gears fast.”

Havlak said that their prior experience at state didn’t offer any advantages, “We didn’t really have any advantages because this was my first year doing this category. I had to learn everything like everyone else. They just added this category a couple of years ago.” Writing an eye-opener for Schwertner, “I never thought about it, but I found out it was something that I’m good at.” She said that you could somewhat size up the competition, “They offer scholarships for those who went to state. You didn’t have to win. You could look at the discussion boards and see that some students don’t write as well as others.” Schwertner is also realistic about the competition, “Sometimes, they’re just not going to like your paper.”