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Noah Project bringing attention to Sexual Assault Awareness Month with touring exhibit



April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the Noah Project is hoping to bring some attention to the issue in the coming weeks.

Part of that will include a touring exhibit called “What I Was Wearing.”

It’ll show what sexual assault survivors were wearing when they became victims.

The exhibit will be displayed in various places around town.

Each outfit will tell the story of a victim of sexual assault.

“We want people to know that it’s not about the victim,” said Jan Morrison, the development director for the Noah Project. “It’s not about what they did. It’s not about what they wore. It’s not about where they were. It’s not about the decisions that they made. They did not make themselves victims. We want people to understand that the reason they became victims is because of the choices of the perpetrator, not the choices of the victim.”

This coming Tuesday, April 6, the public is invited to wear teal to show support for victims and post a selfie on social media, tagging the Noah Project.