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Rainbow Blessing Box in South Abilene has a neighborhood talking



The Alameda neighborhood in south Abilene has endured many hardships.

Once known as “the four-way,” a nickname some don’t care for.

“Shootings and robberies are what we are known for,” said one person living.

For years now, the neighborhood has seen a change for the good — pushing the idea of neighbors helping neighbor.

One neighbor said they had a BBQ and games for the kids a few weeks back.

Crime stats don’t tell the full story, we are people with real problems just like any other neighborhood.

To help the community out, she has a blessing box in her front yard on Durango.

“I want as many people to know it’s there,” said Aguilar.

It’s full of food, even diapers, to help those in need out.

Games of basketball and catch as the sun sets.

You’ll even see a neighbor helping another neighbor work on a vehicle.

“If the kids need something all they have to do is come knock on the door, which happened yesterday,” said another resident.

There’s still a stigma attached to this neighborhood, despite how hard many work.

When I have asked friends to come to visit me, they don’t want to come because they are worried about their cars.

“I have always had a heart for helping people,” said Aguliar.

The goal is to continue to break down the image that many in Abilene have.

“We are people too, believe it or not, we help,” said a resident.

The blessing box is always acceptingdonations.