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San Angelo City Council Approves Two Companies to Repair Streets



SAN ANGELO,TX – The San Angelo City Council unanimously voted to hire two local construction companies to repair streets after the February Winter Storm exacerbated the problem.

Emergency street repairs will be done by Reece Albert and James D. Goode Construction.

San Angelo has given the companies up to $1 Million to spend and estimate that the project might cost about $600,000.00. Around 16,000 to 17,000 square yards need to be fixed.

The winter storm caused more potholes to form in the city streets. Water gets into the road and freezes. The ice melts and loosens the pavement which of course then have vehicles drive over the weakened spots creating potholes.

Local government code provides an exception to competitive bidding in situations where public safety and health need to be protected.

San Angelo’s Executive Director of Public Works, Shane Kelton, recommended both Reece Albert and James D. Goode Construction be hired to repair the streets as fast as possible.

Mayor Brenda Gunter ended the discussion by telling Kelton “get the roads done”.