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San Angelo mayor releases statement on Suddenlink



SAN ANGELO, TX — At Tuesday morning’s San Angelo City Council meeting, Mayor Brenda Gunter addressed citizens’ concerns about Suddenlink services.

Here is Gunter’s statement in full:

“We’d like to address the ongoing matter with Suddenlink Communications. We are fully aware of the dissatisfaction and frustration so many of you are experiencing with your service.

We also understand that there are many complaints related to the lack of customer service. We want you all to know that we hear you and sympathize with your frustrations.

When you entered into a residential service agreement with Suddenlink, you agreed to contract provisions related to how disputes would be handled. Those provisions require arbitration on an individual basis. As a result, the City is not able to intervene on behalf of the citizens and any class-action lawsuits against Suddenlink would be prohibited. Any disputes or issues an individual might have must be dealt with between that individual and Suddenlink. The City cannot do anything on behalf of the citizens of San Angelo regarding Suddenlink.

We understand that filing a formal dispute against a company seems daunting to many citizens so we have created information to assist you with the process. The City has outlined steps, including sample documents, that residents can use if they wish to file a formal notice of dispute and arbitration against Suddenlink. This information can be found at There you will also find a video interview and step-by-step guidance on the notice of dispute and arbitration process, including sample forms that you can use to imitate this process.

It is our hope that our citizens will utilize this information to formally voice their concerns to Suddenlink in the form required by your contracts. We will continue to advocate for better service on behalf of our citizens but the strongest voice in the conversation is yours.”