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Shannon adding downtown San Angelo expansion project



Shannon Medical Center is excited to announce their newest expansion project located within the city block between Beauregard and Twohig. CEO of Shannon Medical Center, Shane Plymell, says this project has been in the works for the last five to seven years, and it wasn’t until Shannon purchased San Angelo Community Medical Center that they were able to bring this project to light.

“When we purchased Community, we were actually able to take the Regional Cancer Treatment Center and move that radiation oncology therapy service line along with the rest of the oncology services into this one spot and just one location,” said Plymell.

Plymell says it will cost Shannon Medical Center $36 million to build this project.

“The Shannon’s back in the 1930s, left their estate to the Shannon Trust and the Shannon Trust is funding this project,” said Plymell. “It’s near and dear to their heart. They feel like it’s something we need in the community.”

According to Shannon officials, the building will include various components like a new building for Shannon outpatient pharmacy, a new building for the Shannon cancer center, an office building for support services and a parking garage structure.

According to Plymell, the COVID-19 pandemic did put a hold on this project, but they are back on track. The completion for this project is expected in September 2022, and they are currently recruiting medical oncologists.