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Stevenson park committee creates conceptual design plans



ABILENE, TX – Community members near Stevenson park have been trying to fix it up for years and it will soon be getting the updates it needs.

Mayor Anthony Williams allocated 400,000 dollars in funds to help renovate the park and the design plans were drafted earlier this week at the parks and recreation meeting. And the progress all started after Shawnte Fleming busted her knee during a Juneteenth celebration at Stevenson park.

“So that following Monday I started calling into the city, I wanted to see what that we needed to do to try to fix things out here,” said Fleming.

During this year’s event community members realized there was poor lighting, chain link fencing, and inadequate restrooms and seating.

“So, what we’re wanting to do is add more family friendly environments, and activities here,” said Fleming.

So Shawnte has teamed up with the city of Abilene and parks and recreation to create a conceptual design plan.

“We are looking at practice fields, we are trying to target the youth,” said Fleming.

Right now there’s, 1 basketball court and 2 tennis courts, so to fit the communities needs they will take one of the tennis courts and turn it into two half basketball courts.

“We have a DJ he comes out, we want to do line dances, to get everyone included,” said Fleming.

They will be updating the restrooms, plans to create a pavilion, and to add a splash pads for kids.

“We want to feed people, like have decent food out here,” said Fleming.

And Shawnte says no matter who you are, there will be a place for you at Stevenson park.

“It’s like we want to be the change that Abilene needs to see, it’s time for a change. It’s time to stop letting minority communities that are run down just get over looked,” said Fleming.

Chris Daughtery, Stevenson community member spoke at the parks and recreation meeting and said during this project—he’s gotten to know his community even better.

“So, my grandfather used to say, you don’t cry over spilled milk, you pick up the glass wipe it up and pour another one and I think that’s the step was taking right here, is really focusing on things like this that will give people the opportunity to take pride in where they live,” said Daughtery.