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Texas car enthusiasts head to the Big County Swap Meet in Abilene



ABILENE, TX – Ever since he was a boy, one of his favorite hobbies is to go to swap meets.

“Travel all over Texas and the united states to…it’s just part of the car hobby,” Swap Meet Vendor Trey Morton said.

For car enthusiasts like Morton, the swap meet at the Big Country Race Way, there’s no better place.

“A swap meet is an automotive-based flea market,” he said. “A lot like buffalo gap flea market and stuff like that, but it’s automotive-based, it’s not strictly racing cars, it’s not strictly antique cars, its everything.”

But for a couple of months now, Morton’s had to put his favorite hobby on the back burner.

“Everything from February till now, this is really the second swap meet that been in Texas area since it started back up,” he said.

Coordinating the event, Randy Young said after Governor Abbott’s most recent executive order, he didn’t know if they’d have to pack right back up.

“We were already out here running wide open,” he said. “I don’t know if we meet the requirements of 99% at a time in a particular area or not, but we did call to double-check on them and they gave us an exemption because we were considered a sporting event.”

Relieved the event can still go on, Morton said most of the parts here are obsolete and are near impossible to find unless you’re at a swap meet.

“And so, you go out spend your day hunting,” he said.  “And when you find that treasure, that’s something you’ve been looking for a long time to finish a project or move on. a lot of these projects are father-son projects or family air looms.”

Randy said you catch the swap meet out at the big county raceway this weekend as long as there’s some light in the sky.