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Texas lifts mask mandate, causing mixed reactions in Abilene



After 8 months, Texans are no longer required to wear masks.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision has caused mixed emotions across Abilene.

On the eve of the one year anniversary of the pandemic, the Governor’s order went into effect.

“I don’t think that he ever should have issued the mandate,” said Jason Wilson, an Abilene citizen.

Businesses and even school districts can now decide if they want to require masks or not.

Abilene’s Wylie ISD voted 4 to 3 allowing students to make a choice in whether or not they want to wear a mask to school.

Krista Torrez plans on teaching in the fall. She told KTXS that she wasn’t happy about that decision.

“There are plenty of educators out there who have pre-existing conditions,” said Torrez. “That could compromise their immune system.”

Torrez’s husband has an autoimmune disorder. She’s scared that if she doesn’t follow CDC guidelines, that she could get him sick.

“I can’t imagine a life without him,” said Torrez. “I wouldn’t want me being part of the reason maybe that that would be why he would not be with us.”

Wilson thinks the district made the right choice.

“I hope that we learn that the government is not our doctor,” said Wilson. “We should have a say in how our children will live.”

Even though the mask mandate has been lifted, the CDC is still recommending you to wear mask when in large groups.