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Texas school district mourns after death of young girl in traffic crash



Texas – The Wink-Loving Independent School District is mourning after a car wreck killed one of its elementary students.

Family, friends and Wink-Loving Elementary School students gathered left balloons and flowers off State Highway 302 to remember Hazel Thompson.

Anna Folmar, a Wink-Loving ISD teacher, is still in shock at the loss of her former student.

“You just feel like it can’t be true. Something like that can’t happen to a little child you saw her,” said Folmar.

Anna said that Thompson will always be a part of her forever family.

“Very, very smart little girl loved people, love teachers love to please all the teachers always had a funny smile on her I can remember,” said Folmar.

The school also posted on its Facebook page it will have a moment of silence in honor of those affected by the recent tragic events when the boys’ basketball game concludes.

Services for Thompson will be held at 1 p.m. Friday at the Family Services Parlor in Kermit across the street from Kermit High School.

Thompson died in a multi-vehicle crash at around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday on State Highway 302.

Authorities said an 18-wheeler rear-ended a vehicle in traffic, setting a chain-reaction crash in motion that involved six vehicles.