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TxDOT continues to treat Abilene roads ahead of Wednesday



ABILENE, TX— According to TxDOT Public information officer, Tanya Brown the Abilene district serves 13 counties across West Texas. Brown says TxDOT works closely with the National Weather Service to stay on top of winter storms like the one that hit the Big Country Monday evening.

“This is our first snowstorm of the winter season and we expect we will see several of these throughout the winter.. we are prepared.. and we will stay on top of it,” said Brown.

According to Brown, crews have been treating roadways using brine and aggregate as well as removing ice and snow from bridges and overpasses.

“Brine is a salt and water mixture we use to treat the roadways, and it helps to prevent a bond from forming on the snow and ice on the pavement, makes for easier removal,” said Brown.

Brown says TxDOT crews will continue to monitor the winter storm, and keep public travelers safe while being able to be mobile during this time. Brown advises all drivers to use caution on roadways until the inclement weather passes.

“The moisture that is coming down right now will refreeze tonight, so we are asking motorists who are traveling public to be where they need to be by dark,” said Brown.

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