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West Texas fire department purchases rescue boat for water-related emergencies



ABILENE, Texas — On June 8th, Cisco City Council approved the purchase of a new rescue boat for the Cisco Fire Department.

According to Cisco Fire Chief, Walter Fairbanks the brand new boat has replaced their old one and will assist in any emergencies that may take place on the water or Lake Cisco.

“We have our water supply for the city which is Lake Cisco and its a very large lake.. It has a lot of recreation on it during the summer and the possibility of accidents. ” said Fairbanks.

The rescue boat cost, $15,242 and will serve many purposes including water rescues and mutual aid to nearby counties.

“It’s definitely the game wardens jurisdiction but it is the city of Cisco’s water supply so we have jurisdiction on the lake also” said Fairbanks.

Fairbanks says the fire department will have the boat out on the water during high profile days to monitor for boat traffic and possible accidents.

“With the Coronavirus and Texas reopening the lake has been more busy than normal and people want to get out.. This definitely was a need”. said Fairbanks.