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West Texas teen uses her art to help paint the bigger picture for #Blacklivesmatter movement



ABILENE, TX — Avery Kerr, is a junior in high school at Abilene High, and she’s also an aspiring artist.

Her most recent artwork is getting attention in the Big Country, after she painted a self-portrait of George Floyd beside Breonna Taylor, in an effort to support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

“I wanted to paint this to show my support of the movement. I thought what better way than to show my support with something I love to do”. Said Kerr.

The 16-year-old plans to hold a drawing at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Abilene, for a chance to raise money for the movement.

“All of that money will go towards black lives matter that entire movement. And even if you don’t want a ticket I am taking donations. Any amount” said Kerr.

Kerr hopes those who view her artwork are able to see the bigger picture.

“I just feel no matter age, you are no matter what race you are ..if your passionate about something  go for it .. I hope it opens their eyes to the problem” said Kerr.

The tickets will be sold of 5$ each this weekend at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Abilene.