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6,000 names currently on the waiting list who meet Phase 1B criteria in Abilene-Taylor County



ABILENE, TX — According to Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District, Director Annette Lerma, residents who meet the criteria under phase 1B include those over 65 years old, and anyone 16 years and older who has an underlying health condition that puts you at high risk.

“I think its somewhere around 6,000 names on the waiting list we’ve only been allocated the original 600 doses which we already have given out, we are still waiting on our next allocation we don’t know when that will be, we are hopeful its next week but we still haven’t gotten confirmation of that,” said Lerma.

Lerma, says the health department is offering assistance to those elderly who need help navigating the website to fill out their request form.

“If they don’t have someone to assist them they can certainly call the health department we have a large team of people who are calling people back that have been placed on a call list that are needing assistance, as of yesterday we had 12 people doing nothing but filling out that form,” said Lerma.

Lerma reminds residents requesting the vaccine to only  submit one form per person. multiple submissions and calls will cause further delays in scheduling.