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Doctors expect COVID-19 to worsen during winter months



Doctors at Express ER in Abilene said they’re seeing a steady stream of patients with COVID-like symptoms.

“Currently cold, cough, flu, coronavirus and hay fever season so there is a lot of people coming in with very similar symptoms who are worried about the coronavirus,” said Dr. Paul Hsu.

He believes there will be a spike in COVID cases during the winter because of people gathering inside to stay warm, which increases exposure.

“This is a virus carried by respiratory droplets and anytime we have these droplets in the air with poor ventilation or poor air movement, then we are going to have increased ability to it and its going to be more contagious,” Dr. Hsu said.

Dr. Annie Drachenberg with the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District agrees we’ll likely see a spike this winter.

“With the weather cooling off, and if this is like the other viral respiratory illness, we would see a spike after the new year,” Dr. Drachenberg said.

She said iit could be months before the general public has access to the vaccine, so people need to continue to wear a mask and social distance to help reduce the spread of the deadly virus during the winter season.