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Abilene 7th grader goes into cardiac arrest for second time, defibrillator saves her life



ABILENE, TX – A Craig Middle School 7th grader went into Cardiac Arrest for a second time Monday.

13-year-old Lyric has a heart condition called ‘Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy’ and it’s because of this that her mother Jennifer Fisher says its never easy dropping her daughter off at school.

There’s always that feeling, ‘What if? What if?” said Fisher.

Monday, Fisher dropped Lyric off at school, only to return minutes later.

“[The school is] calling me telling me that she had fallen down outside of the class,” said Fisher.

The 7th grader had gone into cardiac arrest.

“My heart dropped and I just got there as fast as I can,” said Fisher.

Lyric has a defibrillator. Monday it shocked her four times, getting her heart back into rhythm.

It saved her life, one that she had because of a middle school nurse who jumped into action four months ago.

In October, Lyric was involved in a similar situation. She collapsed at school and then later nurses determined she had gone into cardiac arrest.

Back then there was no defibrillator, just staff.

Now when Lyric’s mom sends her off to school, she’s got two reasons to make it a little easier to say goodbye in the morning.

“She’s been a strong little girl and I know she’ll continue to be strong,” said Fisher.

Fisher was taken to Hendrick Medical Center Monday.

She is now back at school and doing well.