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Abilene restaurant owner says he’s pleased after mask mandate lifted



ABILENE, TX – On March 2 Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced he would be rescinding the statewide mask mandate as well as any and all COVID-19 operating restrictions on Texas businesses and restaurants.

Eric Radford, owner of Bosses Pizza in Abilene says they’ve been following every mask requirement and capacity restriction throughout the pandemic. Though he has been happy to follow the Governor’s orders, he says he’s pleased with the direction the state is going.

“Now it’s like he trusts us to do what we’ve been doing all along and it’s not just a mandate. Hopefully everybody does the right thing,” said Radford.

One concern on the horizon is the possibility of a COVID spike and subsequent restrictions, or in an extreme case, even another shutdown.

“I’m kind of like everybody else, I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end. I’m hoping with the vaccines coming out that this is going to be the end of that. Hopefully there wouldn’t be another shutdown based on that,” Radford says.

While some in the nation and even in the state are criticizing Abbott saying this reopening is preemptive and against the science, Radford, like some other Texans, says he will continue to follow the Governor’s lead.

“If he tells us we need to go back to 50% capacity or do carry out, that’s what we’re going to do because we want to keep our doors open,” he said.