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Abilene City Council to discuss adding downtown entertainment district



ABILENE, TX – On Thursday the city of Abilene will be discussing the possibility of adding an entertainment district that would allow the consumption of alcohol and open containers within that area.

“An entertainment district would basically serve as a define space,” said City Manager of Abilene, Robert Hanna. “An individual would be able to go to a brewery or brew pub to a clothes shop or from a wine shop to a retail center and carry their beverage and drink it along a public sidewalk with an open container.”

During a Monday media briefing, Hanna says local businesses came up with this idea to bring more life to downtown Abilene.

“I’m recommending that they do if council wants to explore it as we appoint a small business task force of impacted businesses,” said Hanna.

According to Hanna, this idea is meant to benefit the community and business owners. If this becomes a reality, the city will look into having more police patrol in that the area.