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Abilene City Council to discuss recycling options at Thursday meeting



ABILENE, TX – This week the Abilene City Council is focusing on recycling after their contract with a recycling company is coming to an end.

“Yeah, I think that’s ridiculous,” said Amanda Pittman, Abilene resident.

“It’s sad, it’s sad for our city,” said Abilene resident Deann Rodriguez.

Currently the City of Abilene pays Texas Metal and Recycling $20 for every ton of cardboard taken in, and on average the city gives 200 tons.

“Overall, the city would love to provide recycling as much as possible,” said Mari Cockerell, Communications Director for the City of Abilene.

But that contract is ending come February 1,  and the company were not available for comment.

Cockerell says providing more bins is not the issue.

“The issue that we’re looking at now is beyond the collection of it, it’s from us collecting it as a city and taking it to that place that can process it,” said Cockerell.

So now the city is looking into other ways to be able to offer recycling in Abilene.

“It all comes down to cost. How much are we as a city and taxpayers going to pay to get our items to a recyclable processing to get them sorted, and then recycled?” said Cockerell.

Rodriguez and Pittman both said they would be willing to pay for a recycling service.

“I would even be OK with if there was a cost involved, I would pay that if I knew it was going to recycling and was helping,” said Pittman.

But for now, it’s up to city council to decide.