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Abilene first gay pride parade scheduled for September



Abilene is planning to have the first Pride Parade in September.

‘Denims and Diamonds’ is being organized by Abilene Pride Alliance.

“We are excited and hoping to bring the community together,” said Sam Hatton President of Abilene Pride Alliance.

That event had face paintings, free hugs from moms, speakers, and food.

This year Abilene Pride plans to make the event bigger. They hope to have 1500 people attend.

“We want to come together and create an awesome loving environment in the larger community,” said Hatton.

In 1999 there was an unofficial pride parade. Margaret Warn-Walker, now a retired pastor from Metropolitan Exodus Community Church, was at the event.

“We would walk on the sidewalks and not stop traffic.”

Margaret and her wife Monica are pioneers for the LGBTQ community in Abilene.

“When people take steps to accept people who are different, it’s a good thing and I believe it’s a Christian thing,” said Margret Warn-Walker retired pastor from Exodus Metropolitan Community Church.

Abilene Pride Alliance is sponsoring the September event. The group is raising money to help pay for the cost.

Abilene Pride is a non-profit group helping the LGBTQ community in Abilene and Big Country.