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Hawley Spring Clean 2021 Benefits Hawley’s Project Graduation



HAWLEY, TX – The Hawley Economic Development Committee (EDC) and the City of Hawley are teaming up to host their annual “Spring Clean Up 2021.” Alise Miller who is with the EDC says that “this is a fundraiser to benefit the Hawley High School Project Graduation for the 2021 seniors.”

The ‘Hawley Spring Clean Up 2021′ is a dual purpose event for Hawley residents only. One is to clean up Hawley and second to raise money for the Hawley High School’ Project Graduation by cashing in on the recyclables and volunteering to help the residents clean their personal properties and accepting donations.

If you live within the Hawley city limits and/or are within the confines of the City of Hawley you will be allowed to take all your “spring cleaning trash and recyclables” to the site where the dumpsters and recycle bins will be located. The place to drop off all the trash will be in the east-side parking lot of the Hawley First Baptist Church at the corner of 6th Street and Avenue D.

As far as trash goes, I’m told that “most” trash is being accepted. However, vehicle tires of any kind and batteries are NOT going to be accepted this year. If you have aluminum cans or recyclable metals, glass and/or paper goods, special bins will be available in the Church’s parking lot.     .

The Spring Clean will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 15th, 16th and 17th, starting at 8am until dark Thursday and Friday. Then on Saturday they’ll be there to accept your trash from 8:30am until 11:30am. The high school volunteers will be available to help you load and unload all your trash.

Miller says that ” any and all donations are also being accepted to help the graduation seniors to make this Project Graduation the most memorable ever.” To get help or get more information contact, Alise Miller with the Hawley EDC at: 325-537-2064