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Big Country AirFest 2021 is Scheduled for May 1st



ABILENE, TX – As long as I have lived in Abilene, we West Texans have had a love affair with Dyess Air Force Base and it’s aircrafts. So, it’s no surprise that when the “Big Country AirFest” is announced many of my friends and family take time off to attend this awesome event.

Well, family and friends it’s time to put in for a day off, and come see all the coolest airplanes and to watch several of them in action. First off I must make it clear that the “Big Country AirFest” is in no way associated with the United States Department of Defense and this AirFest is not to be confused with the actual ‘Dyess Open House Air Show.’

That stated, get ready to see some great warbirds of their time. For example, the CAF’s B-25 Devil Dog will be making an appearance at this years Big Country Air Fest. And if you are interested in taking a ride in that historic bomber, Click on this link for further details on buying a seat on the ‘Devil Dog’ while it’s at the Abilene Airport for this show.

Get ready, as a host of other airplanes will be showing of their wings and even some new experimental aircrafts that are scheduled to make an appearance as well. For example, theT-38 and the T-34 Mentor and AT-19 Reliant are scheduled to fly in and be on display.

There will also be some of the Dyess aircrafts on display plus there’s food trucks and lots to see and do. So, my advice is to wear comfortable shoes and be ready to do some walking as many of the planes will be performing and spread out along the west side of the Abilene Airport.

The AirFest will go from 9am until 5pm ad will be at the Abilene Regional Airport. For more information or to set up for the AirFest, please contact the airport at 3254-676-6367. Mark your calendars for May 1st for the “Big Country AirFest Air Show” that will be at the Abilene Regional Airport. The event is free to get in.